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Make Your Own Custom Silver Jewelry


Please fill out the following form so that we can understand you quickly and give you the suitable advice. Please be advised as our experience and the advantage, we can only do jewelry in silver or gold.

Custom Jewelry Form

Silverbene Custom Sterling Silver Jewelry Design


Q : What is the minimum quantity for making my sample?
A : There's no minimum quantity restriction for making a sample.

Q : Can you manufacture the sterling silver product as my image shows?
A : Yes, we have jewelry designers who will make a CAD model image from your image. Even if it is a sketch or a photo. However, if you want a 100% same product as the one you have, it is better to send us the product, we can guarantee the silver product are the same as the original one.

Q : We have CAD file, can you make the silver product according to my CAD file?
A : Sure, we can make jewelry same as your CAD file parameters.