A Beginner’s Guide to Styling Silver Jewelry

What’s more difficult than choosing the right outfit for an occasion? Picking the right silver jewelry to go with it! Even though silver jewelry is versatile, accessorizing with silver jewelry is an art. You have to be very careful when selecting silver jewelry pieces for an outfit as it can make or break your look. The right size, design, and amount of silver jewelry can help you tie the whole look together and add just the right amount of bling to it, enough to make heads turn. But, if you get in wrong, you will either look too plain and unpolished or end up looking like a glittery, sparkly Christmas tree. Simply put, wrong silver jewelry will ruin even the most perfect outfit of yours. Here’s a little secret – As much as every woman likes to believe that she has cracked the code of accessorizing with silver jewelry (or any type of jewelry per se), only a very few actually know the right ways to style an outfit with silver jewelry. To help you look stylish and classy every time you chose to wear silver jewelry, we have put together a guide on how to style silver jewelry. Give it a read to truly master the art of accessorizing with silver jewelry!

Choose the Right Colors

Even though silver jewelry is highly versatile, there are certain colors that complement silver jewelry a lot more than others. There are also some colors that not go well with silver jewelry. Make your silver jewelry pieces pop and contribute to your overall look by pairing them with the right colored outfits. As a rule of thumb, silver jewelry should be worn with cool colors (greens, blues, and purples), and warm colors should be paired with gold jewelry. However, silver jewelry also goes well with neutral colors; black, grey, and shades of white. You can also wear silver jewelry with earthy tones and pastel colors, but you have to be careful with these colors to create an elegant look. In general, softer shades of these colors look better will silver accessories. Apart from the warm tones that go well with gold jewelry, you should avoid wearing silver jewelry with multi-colored dresses at all costs.

Consider the Design of Your Outfit

While considering the color of your dress is essential, it is not the only element of your outfit that you should consider when styling with silver jewelry. You should also pay attention to its design, style, and patterns on it. If you have a gorgeous statement piece of silver jewelry that you think is perfect for the occasion, go easy on your outfit. Pair it up with a simple dress with minimalistic details and let your jewelry do the talking. If your dress is extravagant and elaborate, stick to simple, classic silver jewelry to tie the look together. Also, never wear big, heavy, or too much silver jewelry with dresses with busy patterns. It will distract the eye and will not allow your beautiful jewelry to make a statement. Basic, monochrome dresses or those with only minimal details give you more room to play with your jewelry as well as allow the jewelry to pop up. If you want your heirloom silver necklace or earrings to get all the attention, choose outfits with simple designs.

Create a Focal Point

Want to wear your dazzling pair of chandelier earrings or your gorgeous multi-layered silver necklace? Let your statement piece of jewelry be the focal point of your look and keep everything else simple and basic.

Don’t Over Do It

When you’re looking to make a strong style statement, it’s important to have only one focal point in your whole look. Multiple focal points will create a busy look, which will then distract the eyes of onlookers. None of your focal points will be able to create an impact, in that case. So, no matter how much you want to wear all your statement silver jewelry, go with only one statement piece per outfit. You should also avoid wearing too much silver jewelry in general as well, even if it’s not a statement. You don’t want to be glittering from head to toe.

Add a Pop of Color with Stone Jewelry

If you’re wearing a monochrome outfit or want to elevate a simple, basic, understated dress, you can create visual interest and add a pop of color with stone silver jewelry. Silver jewelry with stones like sapphire and ruby (in pure red) not only look classy but will also add a royal touch to your look. Accessorizing with stone silver jewelry is the easiest and quickest way to add color, texture, and a bit of drama to your dull and boring outfit.

Consider Your Neckline When Choosing the Necklace

While your basic silver chain or a pendant necklace with a tiny zircon stone can be worn with almost all types of outfits, not all types of necklaces look good with every dress. When you want your stunning silver necklaces to be the focal point of your look, you should pair them with dresses that let them truly shine. The neckline of your dress plays a key role when you’re selecting the right necklace for an outfit, one that plays its part to elevate your look. The variety of necklines that exist today can make it difficult for many women to figure out which necklace to wear with each of them. To help you wear your beautiful silver necklaces without compromising on your style or ruining the dress, here’s a handy guide on what types of necklaces go with different necklines:

  • Strapless/ Off Shoulder Strapless or off-shoulder dresses and tops draw attention to your shoulders and collarbone. These necklines should be paired with silver necklaces that do not take the attention away from your face and shoulder area. Pair these dresses up with short necklaces that accentuate your neck and help keep the eye towards the upper part of your body. But, make sure not to wear a very big, bold, and chunky silver necklace as it will draw attention from your collarbone. Some of the necklace styles that go well with strapless and off-shoulder dresses include delicate princess silver necklaces, collar necklaces, and silver chokers. Chokers, however, look the best. So, when in doubt, wear a choker with a strapless or off-shoulder dress for a put-together and elegant look. If you want to add a bit more drama to your look or want to go a little bold with your silver jewelry, you can layer two or three chokers with slightly varying lengths to create more visual interest.
  • V-Necks V-shaped necklaces and classic pendants with teardrop are the best choices for V-necks. However, stay away from big, heavy, statement necklaces and choose more delicate ones to accentuate your neckline. Also, avoid wearing very long necklaces with V-neck outfits as they will take the attention away from the neckline. Ideally, your necklace should sit just below the collarbone.
  • Deep Plunge Long-line necklaces, like a silver lariat necklace, are the classic choice for a plunging neckline to pull off an effortlessly chic look. Choose one with a little bit of sparkle to adorn your torso; the area of your body a plunging neckline draws attention to.
  • Boat Necks A boat neckline that runs horizontally across the collarbone is one of the most sophisticated, classy, and graceful necklines. Pair it up with simple, delicate, and elegant necklaces to maintain that polished and graceful look. Avoid wearing bold, flashy statement necklaces with boat necks.
  • Halter Necklines Outfits with halter necklines are better left without necklaces. Elevate your look with a pair of silver studs or small silver hoops instead.
  • Scoop Necklines Scoop necks are one of the few necklines that give you the most freedom to choose your necklace. Since they give you a lot of neck space, they allow you to wear statement necklaces, pendants, and layered necklaces. When choosing a silver necklace to go with your scoop neckline dress, try to avoid something that draws attention upwards, towards the neck, or downwards, towards the chest. Simply put, do not wear chokers or necklaces that fall below the neckline with scoop necks. To create the best look with these necklines, wear a silver necklace that keeps the attention on the neck space the neckline has provided you with.
  • Turtleneck Have loads of long silver pendants and chains? Wear them with turtlenecks to let your jewelry pop out and do the talking. Multi-strand, opera, and matinee necklaces all look great with turtleneck outfits. Do not wear a necklace that sits close to your neck, such as a collar necklace or choker, with turtleneck dresses.
  • Sweetheart Neckline Similar to strapless and off-shoulder necklines, sweetheart necklines also emphasize your neck, collarbone, and shoulders. However, these necklines are more defined, so instead of pairing them with chokers, go for a delicate princess necklace with softer angles and curves for a more chic and upscale look. Curvy designs and softer edges will balance the sharply defined angles of this neckline and will give you a more elegant appearance. If you do not want to wear a princess necklace or need another option, go for collar necklaces. But, do not go overboard and choose a big collar necklace that fills up your whole neck area; it won’t look as sophisticated as a princess or smaller collar necklace.
  • Illusion Necklines Illusion necklines draw attention towards your shoulder and neck area. You don’t want to hide the beauty of your illusion neckline by wearing a necklace over it. Therefore, it’s better to skip the necklace when your outfit has an illusion neckline. Create a sleek, uber-chic look by pairing your illusion neckline dress with drop earrings.

Go Easy On Rings

Rings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry – they come in a wide variety of styles and designs and can be worn with all types of outfits and to every occasion. However, this shouldn’t be the reason to go all out with rings and stack them up on every finger. If you’re going for your gorgeous statement silver rings, you shouldn’t wear more than one ideally. But, if you’re looking to create a full glam look for a cocktail party and really want to make a strong statement with your silver rings, you can wear one statement ring per hand; no more than that. Wearing simpler, more delicate silver rings on daytime, casual events give you more liberty to add zing to your look with silver rings. You can wear two silver rings in one hand and three in the other, at maximum. For a more dramatic, boho, and trendy look, layer two to three different-sized rings in one finger. This is also a trendier and cooler way to make a statement through silver rings than wearing the standard statement rings.

Don’t Wear a Silver Bracelet with a Full-Sleeves Dress

Avoid wearing anything on your wrist if you’re wearing a full-sleeved dress. It gives a busy, messy, unpolished feel. Play with other silver jewelry pieces. But, let that silver bracelet of yours stay in the jewelry box for the next time you wear a short sleeve or a sleeveless outfit.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Creative and Experiment

While rules and etiquettes of wearing jewelry are certainly present, this shouldn’t stop you from experimenting. Get into your creative flow and try wearing non-traditional styles and designs of jewelry with different outfits. That’s how new looks are created. So, do not hesitate to experiment; you never know, you may be creating the next modern silver jewelry style guide. Get your silver jewelry from Silverbene to experiment and create new everyday looks. They come at highly affordable rates. We also add new pieces to our already extensive silver jewelry collection every Monday, so you’ll have access to plenty of new styles and designs too.


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