Silverbene Leads a Sustainable Jewelry Factory

Since the year of 1994, Silverbene has been a successful wholesale sterling silver jewelry manufacturer and supplier in China which focuses on 925 sterling silver jewelry and accessories. In the past few years, we have been distributing to over 2000 jewelers, tour shops, and gift shops everywhere across the globe. We provide a variation of ready-to-wear jewelry and personalized or custom-made jewelry that will suit your preferences. We are humbly optimistic that we can readily and fully help you with your sterling silver jewelry business and inquiries.

Silverbene has a solid aspiration to be a socially responsible and environmentally mindful company. Therefore, we are all searching for both small and extensive efforts to support solving pollution, climate change, human rights violations, and gender inequality.

Silverbene is eager and equipped to help you perform more sustainably and provide sincere change across the industry if you are interested in a partner who engages with sustainability, honesty, and ethical production.

Below are a few simple changes that we are doing and complying with as a company to ensure that we continue to progress in every facet of our business - for us, for you, for the planet - to meet the growing global requirements for sustainable manufacturing technology.

● Our sterling silver or gold jewelry can also be refurbished or recycled and significantly transformed into new, elegant pieces. The essential worth of these materials results in a product lifecycle that is ultimately and fundamentally sustainable.

● We are delighted that we own and manage our factory, which enables us all to achieve a high standard of satisfaction. Our sole objective is to maximize the longevity of each piece in terms of durability and authenticity. These are all thanks to the state-of-the-art technology from which we also modified and upgraded. We believe this is yet another leap toward a resource efficiency economy.

● Silverbene's ultimate objective was to minimize potentially dangerous metals such as nickel, lead, and cadmium across all components of jewelry that consumers and buyers may easily access. Ultimately, we are doing our best to decrease the number of hazardous elements in the environment and the common population's health. All of our silver products are strictly compliant with jewelry standards (EN 1811 - Nickel release / EN 12472 - Lead Content, Cadmium Content).

● In every way applicable, our company also perform extensive recycle or reuse of products including:

    1). All soft plastics, along with cards, documents, and parcel bags/boxes, that arrive at our workplace are either reused or recycled.

    2). All metal scraps, unwanted or unsold jewelry, and other junk from our factory are recycled into raw material for new production, which essentially leads to zero waste and sustainable production.

● Day after day, in the pursuit of reaching and achieving gender equality, we at Silverbene truly support and empower women in the workplace. Silverbene is also a corporation that takes priority on women's career progression. Our current male-to-female leadership ratio is one to one, and women make up more than 40% of our working population.