SilverBene Drop Shipping Policy

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Why Choose Silverbene?

  • ● Competitive price to resell on Amazon, Ebay, Wish or your own website.
  • ● Nickel, lead free solid sterling silver.
  • ● No information of Silverbene in the package and we never contact your customer by any means.
  • ● Free program and we do not charge fees for the standard drop-shipping plan that is described here.
  • ● No minimum order required.
  • ● We will drop ship your order anywhere. More shipping information
  • ● Easy to Return or Full Refund.


How Silverbene Drop Ship Works

Now start a hands-free online business with Silverbene. Have your products shipped directly to your customers. No inventory, no headaches business is made easy with Silverbene.


What You Do

  • Create a customer account with your email address. *required, the wholesale price can only be shown after login.
  • ● Fill out the Dropshipping Application Form.
  • ● We'll provide product data feed, instructions to download images, anything convinient for you to sell.
  • ● It is strongly advised that the title, sku and description should be reworded on your website.
  • ● When you checkout drop shipping order, please note:
  • 1. Put in your email.
  • 2. Put in the address and phone of your customer in shipping address fields.


What We Do

  • ● Add your account as a drop shipper after approving.
  • ● Process the order within 1-3 days.
  • ● We Never include the prices you paid for the jewelry when shipping.
  • ● We Never include any promotional items in the shipment.
  • ● We send you a notification with the tracking number when available.


Return Policy

All items within a 30-day period since the order date are fully refundable (shipping & handling fees are not included).

Please keep in mind all customer service matters need to be handled by the dealer.



Dropshippers get price exclusive of drop shipping after login on our site once the application is approved.


Please Note

As the smaller margin, dropshipping member don't get further promotional discounts, including but not limited to free shipping and reward points.

The shipping address will be from China. Please refer to our Shiping Guide