Silverbene Dropshipping

As a silver jewelry supplier, Silverbene backs dropshippers by providing a seamless process and profitable price of jewelry drop shipping. Focus on the your customers only and we'll fulfill the dropshipping orders behind you.

Jewelry Dropshipping Service At Silverbene

  • Directly from factory - Profitable Price
  • Real Time Inventory
  • All 925 Sterling Silver, Allegry Free
  • Ship worldwide
  • Full Automation with Shopify/API
  • Custom Jewelry Supported

How it works

You Upload Products
You Get Order
You Place Order At Silverbene
We Ship Order To Your Customer

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Dropshipping Automation

Full automation with Shopify store. Learn more
REST API Provided For Other Automation.Learn more


How to find the catalog for dropshipping ?

You can choose any item in any category on our website to drop ship, however, as the items in the dropshipping category show the up-to-date stock information, we recommend starting dropshipping with those products.

Where is the package from ?

  • Our warehouse is based in China. The Shipping From address is in China.

How to Download Images Of The Items ?

  • Sign in
  • Click "My Account" then find "Contact Informatio
  • Click and open "Download Image/Catalog" link
  • Input SKUs of the products
  • Click "Get Images"

Is there a way to find out if the package is sent from Silverbene ?

  • The package .

How To Import Products Into My Store?

  1. If your store is hosted by Shopify, you can use our Shopify App
  2. If you have a website and software developer, you may need to look into the API integration
  3. Click here to download Catalog CSV or Inventory CSV for import.

Do you do custom engraving?

We provide customized engrfaving logo service. click herefor more information.

Can you do my brand logo on the gift box?

  1. Please check gift wrap ribbons .
  2. Please check logo paster.

Do you have gift wraps for the jewerly ?

  • The default package of the items is pp bag. We have a range of gift wraps for you to select. Please check out our jewelry wraps for dropshipping
  • Also please note the gift wrappi

Can I use my own gift wraps ?

  1. We offer package storage service, you can send package(s) to our office. Please contact us for more information.
    (1) The package storage service is free for the first 60 days.
    (2) The package storage fee is calculated as follows:
    • If Package Volume in m³ ≤ Monthly Order Amount in USD * 0.1%, Package Storage Fee = 0
    • If Package Volume in m³ > Monthly Order Amount in USD * 0.1%, Package Storage Fee = US$17 * (Package Volume in m³ - Monthly Order Amount in USD * 0.1%)
    • The Package Volume will be calculated as 1 m³ if less than 1 m³
    (3) For example, if the volume of your package occupies equals 0.8m³, the Package Storage Fee is US$17/per month. But as you ordered total US$500 this month, then the Package Storage Fee of this month should be US$8.5 ( 8.5 = 17 (1 - 500 * 0.1%), the 0.8m³ will be calculated as 1 m³ ).
  2. Please note, Monthly Ordered Amount is item amount only, shipping cost and insurance are not included. The time starts when we receive your packages. We will send you an email when we receive your package.

Is your gift wrapping service free ?

No, we charge $1 for a package if the gift wrap needed. Please check the option on checkout page tif you need..

Here are how Default Package, Jewelry Wraps, and Jewelry Wraps with Gift Wraps Labor Fee look like.

How are the packages shipped ?

  1. Our warehouse is based in China. The Shipping From address is in China.
  2. Fast Shipping
  • To US - USPS ( 5 - 10 workdays, Starting from US$4.07 )
  • To France - La Poste ( 4 - 8 workdays, Starting from US$4.82, Plus VAT )
  • To Germany - DHL Global Mail ( 5 - 9 days, Starting from US$3.59, Plus VAT )
  • To UK - Hermes ( 4 - 10 workdays, Starting from US$3.46, VAT No. Required )
  • To Australia - Australia Post ( 6 - 10 workdays, Starting from US$4.71 )
  • To Canada - Canada Post ( 5 - 10 workdays, Starting from US$5.08 )
  • Other countries will have the packages China Post delivered.

Will you process the order on holiday ?

No, please note that we don't process order on Sunday and the public holidays in China